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POSEIDON'S WAVE - Danube Delta Trips
Nature, Flora&fauna, Spiritual | Experience: 3 years
We offer unique experiences in the Danube Delta. You are invited on a water journey, in the heart of the Danube Delta, to see the real beauties of this place. We have sketched for you some of the most interesting and representative water trails.
Sulina, Jud. Tulcea, Delta Dunării
Bazinul Mic
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SULINA, the eastern most point of Romania, is a city with a rich spiritual culture, with a special charm and picturesque views. A land surrounded by waters, kept by the spell of the Danube Delta that is discovered by its passers-by through its fascinating history, the incredible legends and the marine relaxation.

From this magical place, the POSEIDON’S WAVE team, we lift "all the sails up" and embark, with you, on a real adventure!

We propose to you the following adventures, leaving from Sulina City:

  • Place where the Danube River flows into the Black Sea and the Bird Island;
  • Wild horses in Letea;
  • Safari trip in Caraorman;
  • Lovers at sunset;
  • Lakes Rosu-Rosulet, heaven for photograph enthusiasts;
  • Lake Lumina, fisherman’s paradise;
  • Fisherman’s village Sfantu Gheorghe;
  • Lipovan’s village Mila 23;
  • Cardon village and that is not all.

All trips will be done with the help of our sail boat Corsar 730WT, one of the safest boats in its category.

Facilities for your comfort and safety:

  • Spacious cabin;
  • Banquets / seated place for 12 individuals;
  • Complete upholstery;
  • March tarpaulin;
  • Audio system;
  • Storage space for luggage and belongings;
  • Life jackets for adults and children;
  • Yamaha 200HP engine and many more.

! All the boat drivers are locals, with experience, that know all the beauties and secrets of this splendid area.

Monday - Sunday
07:00 - 19:00
Personalized trips
Private/group trips
Tulcea-Sulina and back transfer
Comfortable, upholstery banquets
Spacious cabin
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