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Beraria H
Bar & Pub, Music club, Artists | Experience: 8 years
Beraria H - The Biggest Beer Hall in Europe
Bucharest Romania
Kiseleff 32
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Once upon a time there was a great construction known as the Pavilion of the Soviet Heavy Industry. Cosmopolitan and impressive both in architecture and dimensions, the building became famous in the country and across Europe. After a few years of being visited by the newest and the largest machines, the building in our story got bored with them.

So it has been integrated into the National Achievements Exhibition assembly. Few people know that for many years the building served as a shelter for art. The famous Romanian sculptor Ion Jalea exhibited some of his artworks here.

The 90's came and brought with them another change: the Pavilion of the Soviet Heavy Industry became the Pavilion H, a shopping center. And it stayed the same for many years, until one day, our capricious building decided that she wants to became something else. You see, she has been looking for the best version of herself all these years. And, finally, she found it. She got ready, put on her best bib and tucker and became Berăria H, the largest Beer Hall in Europe!

Berăria H, also known as The Lively City, is the place where you come to enjoy quality music, to see your beloved artists, both national and international, in spectacular shows. You also come for the delicious dishes and various types of Beer and alcohol. In other words, it's the place where you come when you want to be sure you will have a memorable evening!

From cabaret and magic shows to concerts of the most of the famous artists in Romania (and not only!), what we are planning to offer you at Berăria H is an overdose of fun and never ending joy!

We invite you to live with us the story of a legendary place where the good will and cheer of life never end!

10:00 - 03:00
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