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Floraria Iris
Home & Decorations, Decoration | Experience: 50 years
021 9591
Bucharest Romania
Calea Mosilor 34
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Florists since 1970

There are so many flowers, bouquets and arrangements out there, but if you see one created by us, Floraria Iris, you’ll know in an instant. It did not happen overnight, but in time, aided by the beauty and gentleness of flowers, who accompanied us on the right path. But there’s more to add to this story. Once upon a time there was a man called Nicu, one of the first florists in Bucharest, the one from whom we learned the art of handling flowers with delicacy. This is how it all begun, in the ‘70s, when we chose our way. From that time on we called ourselves florists.

We often reminisce of the time we were part of writing history by opening our first flower shop on Calea Mosilor - one of the oldest and most important streets in Bucharest. We chose a symbolic building, right beside Sf. Gheorghe Vechi Church, considered the oldest hearth of the city and being the biggest crossroad of that time. That is the place where our story begun. A good one, wouldn’t you agree?

With the passing of time, we grew constantly, by learning and investing in ourselves – always with respect for the flowers we love so much and for the people we work with. That’s why, in the present moment, Floraria Iris has a prestige that speaks for itself.

We have good reason to be proud of ourselves - Floraria Iris is one of the few pure Romanian brands, that is now led by the second generation. Soon to follow the third! Part of the second generation is our beloved florist Nicu Bocancea, the one who won 7th place at the Interflora Europa Cup 2016. We have our champion over here and his creative vision is reflected by every bouquet, arrangement or decor that looks like it is part of an art installation.

Every time we look in the eyes of the people we work with, we see a spark of joy – and that’s when we know for sure we love what we do. Every day, we see in our clients’ hearts the eagerness and emotion to fulfil a wish or a fairy tale dream, and we are happy to say that our flowers are part of the decor. The story continues everyday, and the happiest thing is that we are together the main characters in it!

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