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Muzeul Taranului Roman
Museum | Experience: 114 ani
The Romanian Peasant Museum is part of the European family of Museums of Popular Art and Traditions.
Bucharest Romania
Şoseaua Kiseleff 3

It is a national museum, under the Ministry of Culture’s patronage. In possession of an especially rich collection of objects, hosted in a Neo-Romanian style historical monument-building, our Museum developed a highly original museography honored in 1996 by receiving the EMYA – European Museum of the Year Award. The originality of the exhibiting style is continued in the Museum’s publications, in actions such as the Missionary Museum, the Village School, concerts, conferences and exhibition openings.

De marţi până duminică, între orele 10.00 şi 18.00
Ultima intrare - ora 17.00
Lunea este închis
Târguri şi expoziţii temporare
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